Saskatoon Igbo Cultural Association (SICA)

Nwanne dị na mba!

About Us

Saskatoon Igbo Cultural Association (SICA) is a nonprofit organization committed to preserving and creating awareness of the cultural and diversity values of the Igbo people in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan of Canada.

Kindly go through our website to learn more about the Igbo association in Saskatoon, our mission, membership option, and upcoming community programs.


To foster and promote all aspects of the Igbo cultural and secular heritage that would contribute positively to the progress, development, and welfare of our members as well as the community at large, while enhancing the Canadian multicultural diversity.


The vision of Saskatoon Igbo Cultural Association is to enhance cultural awareness and peaceful advancement of Saskatchewan Province via the alignment of its philosophy.

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Over the years, we have had several amazing events that aim to bring us closer to each other as one big family away from home.

Upcoming Events

We hold at least 2 major events in a year—picnic in the summer and our Igbo Day in the fall.

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